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Pull Up


Sep 4, 2020

Black Panther, Da 5 Bloods, Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson, 21 Bridges, and James Brown were films that Chadwick Boseman gave to the culture. CandiKLynn and Shawtime Shaw are with heavy hearts as they discuss the life, the legacy, and the bodies of work Chadwick Boseman left to the world.  The world mourns...

Sep 3, 2020

Oh, this episode is rated R, so Parental Advisory is suggested. CandiKlynn breaks down the down WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. ShawTime Shaw even watched the video for WAP, so there is a reason Pull Up joined the conversation. 

Sep 2, 2020

This breaks down an entanglement, situationship, and friends with benefits. Tips and advice on how not to get involved in complicated relationships that will leave you broken-hearted. 

Sep 2, 2020

The death of George Floyd has shaken American cities to the core. CandiKlynn and Shawtime Shaw discuss how artist Lil Baby, Beyonce, Wale, and H.E.R released new music focusing on the bigger picture of social injustice. 



Bigger Picture - Lil Baby 

Sep 1, 2020

Karen mind ya business, celebrities who have Covid-19, and athletes are fighting for Social Injustice. 

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