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Pull Up


Nov 27, 2019

Somebody please tell auntie not today. Candiklynn and ShawtimeShaw talk how to survive the holidays with family.  This episode was recorded  with the elders in mind (50+), tips and advice for how to engage and interact with your nieces and nephews. The greatest take away of all football, eat and drink ,enjoy the...

Nov 27, 2019

 CandiKlynn and ShawtimeShaw talk football, food and family during this special holiday edition. This episode is all about how important it is to shut and eat during dinner, take a few shots before you get there, watch football and must of all enjoy the family.


Connect with US

Nov 21, 2019

CandiKlynn and Shawtime Shaw give you 5 must have tips for surviving the Thanksgiving; with the in-laws. This conversation is all the way off topic but it will help you get in good with your in-laws.  


Connect With Us ...

Nov 21, 2019

Football brawl between Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers on TNF (Thursday Night Football) with Myles Garrett picking up a suspension, Colin Kaepernick pulled a audible on the NFL and black quarterbacks proving to among the elite in the NFL. CandiKlynn and ShawTime Shaw give there take on the fight and discuss...

Nov 16, 2019

Candiklynn and Shawtime have special guest AM in the building from NoFrontin the podcast to discuss relationship goals.  This episode is all about our favorite 90's tv couples. Martin and Gina or Dwayne and Whitley, which couple sets the standard for bae goals. Check it out and leave us your comments